I'm a photographer and writer based in Gainesville, Florida. I relocated to the South from San Francisco in 2008 and my work is a response to the often "strange new world" I found around me, where nature can be both beautiful and deadly, where plants and foliage bloom giant and Seuss-like out of the steam of swamps. I am creating and, in the case of my color photographs, often recreating, a vision of Florida that few tourists ever see. My subjects celebrate the ordinary and give flight to the extraordinary. In all instances, I strive to create landscapes and places that enchant and entrance the viewer into experiencing them on a personal adventure and to seek what is beyond the frame in the realm of imagination. My photography covers the places and occasionally the people that make the South what it is--a paradox of sunshine and shadow, of transparency and mystery, and above all what the South is or might be in the 21st century. You can find me on the road or at suzannamarsphotography@gmail.com

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